Space Jacked

HTML5 Space Shooter

Spacejacked is a side-scrolling Gradius-inspired shooter, with a unique twist: instead of having extra lives, players have an oxygen meter that slowly ticks down while the player is outside of his ship. Luckily, you have your trusty grappling hook, which lets you hijack enemy ships.

I was the producer for this project, working on the development schedule, organizational structure, client communications, and milestone achievement. In this project for the development schedule, the project used a combination of MS Project (for project projection and milestone development), Trello (for bug tracking and task progress/assignment), and Google Calender (for client deadlines, meetings, and requirements). We divided the group by roles, assigning each according to their skill set previous to working on the project. Upon meeting our client with the original pitch, it was decided that we should scale back to a simplified arcade style machine.

We quickly completed all of the milestones ahead of schedule and worked to polish the application and the interaction of the enemies, along with further customizing the levels themselves and adjusting the parallax. Time was then spent porting the game to an arcade cabinet for showcase at launch and has since also been launched to the Chrome Store. You can play the pre-release version online now.