Dead in the Water

Boat Combat Simulator

DitW is a vehicle combat game using Panda3D. It was developed in Python using the Panda3D engine. This boat combat game has a realistic feel and several boat skins.

I worked on developing the advertising, scheduling, creative process, division of labor, textures, sound effects (including working with the audio clips for any duration for the motor or shooting), the GUI art, and the menus.

We decided to limit our scope and get this game out more rapidly by focusing on a water combat game. This added to our animation time, but with a surplus of artists, it played to our strengths. We deftly offset any time we would normally spend waiting for assets by rapidly using a stand in set of temporary models, allowing both the artist and programmers to work at the same time. Because of our reduced scope, we dedicated one team member to research for any impressive additions. By separating this from the group, our progress was unhindered by our experimentation into water effects, online multiplayer, controller support and extra lighting.

We finished ahead of schedule with a great product, including multiplayer, Xbox controller support and some of the researched water effect. Even with the conversion to the XBox controller, the team was unable to publish the game because of problems with the Panda3D engine.