Adjunct Professor

    ITT Technical Institute is a nationally accredited school that offers degrees in technical fields. It offers full Associates and Bachelors of Science, with complete curriculum.

    “The seven schools of study at the ITT Technical Institutes (i.e., the School of Information Technology, School of Electronics Technology, School of Drafting and Design, School of Business, School of Criminal Justice, School of Health Sciences and Breckinridge School of Nursing) teach skills and knowledge that can be used to begin careers in our global technology-driven culture. Most ITT Technical Institute programs of study taught in residence blend traditional academic content with applied learning concepts, pursuant to which a significant portion is devoted to practical study in a lab environment.”–

    For ITT Tech, I served as an adjunct professor, developing curriculum and teaching a full credited college course on the game design process. I kept track of attendance, grades and developed all content personally.




    Londontown LLC is an independent developer for the game Londontown, a Massively Singleplayer Online Roleplaying Game. The game takes place in Victorian England, and focuses on strong story depth with poignant and varied choices. Currently being developed in the Unity engine, the game has had limited demos at certain events, and has had much of its basic tool sets created and much of the story developed.

    With Londontown, I lead the organization, management, and scheduling of more than 35 programmers, artists, writers, and designers. I started their SCRUM and curated meetings, fostering rapid iteration and progression for press deadlines. My duties included management, stakeholder marketing (published materials, presentations and graphics), programming in C#, rapid prototyping, and fostering communication. My prototypes and demonstrations for the abilities of Unity to be the next engine of choice fostered the change. With the programming lead, we designed and developed a helpful and robust dialogue tool that would allow the writers to directly add content to the game quickly and easily, allowing the engineers to focus more on events and further development of the game in other places.



Project Manager

     Unpossible Games is a small independent development studio based out of Troy NY. Formed in Troy, NY in 2010, Unpossible Games has so far produced five completed titles, along with multiple tool-sets and prototypes. Twistwyck Manor was the first game developed, a 3rd person puzzle game developed in Unity. UnWorld is an experimental, augmented-reality game developed for the Kinect with the computer. The Kinect reads in a real-world location into a 3D map that players can explore in real time, as objects are moved. The Fall is a short, emotional game based on the feeling of loss, ported to PC and Mac. The Foggy Glass and Blind are both projects meant to convey certain messages to target groups and are not currently available to the public.

     In Unpossible Games, I served as the project manager: organizing milestones/preproduction, arranging deadlines, and assigning work for the team of six. I also helped code in Python, Boo, and C++ along with developing many sound and 2D art assets. Porting The Fall to both Windows and Mac.



Chief Technical Officer

    Bashpoints is a web developer of the event social network, now in limited beta. The website was developed by a small start-up using Django and SQL. The current release is built for any scale of load, and will be ready for full release after the tweaking of the beta phase.

    With Bashpoints, I worked as Chief Technical Officer and lead the seven person development team (four Django developers, an artist, and a marketing assistant). My job positioned me as the primary point of contact with the different shareholders, and preparing reports for them and the CEO. I organized deadlines, reviewed Python code, developed/maintained the SQL database, negotiated monetization, and maintained the website host. This project was completed quickly and under the projected budget.



National Curriculum Developer

Lead Instructor

iD Tech Camps and Academy “provides week-long day and overnight technology camps for students ages 7-17, and teen academies for ages 13-18.” It serves to teach game creation (PC, web, iOS, Android), programming in C++ & Java, 3D model development, scripting, modding, website creation, Photoshop, film, and robotics. The course content that is taught in some classes focused on older students covers rather college level content at a rapid pace using a dedicated week of learning rather than a weekly or bi-weekly class process. Content is also developed and standardized through national curricula which bring all instructors to cover similar content and  stay on the same page.

At iD Tech, I began as an instructor, quickly being promoted to develop national curriculum for more than 60 campuses nationally for iOS development and game design theory. My responsibilities included developing the curriculum, tutorials, editing content, troubleshooting technology, HTML/CSS development, iOS/Android development, programming in C++/Java, managing other instructors and personally instructing students. The primary campus I worked out of was MIT, working with a staff of 12-20 to deliver the best possible education, experience, and results.




FlatCap Jack Enterprises is a series of websites and web-service companies developed over the last few years to take advantage of several niche markets. Self-sustaining and profitable, the websites generate revenue with little to no input required. The first site, , lead a focus on the under-served flat cap market and remains as the premier dedicated source for flat cap information. The sites are monetized through partnership programs with companies like Amazon and through advertisements.

I founded and brought these websites to profitability with content I personally developed, tweaked, or licensed. Targeting small niche markets, I have been able to capitalize on the sustainable and profitable sites. These sites are primarily, personally developed through WordPress, with customized HTML, CSS, plugins, content, and designs to better address the niche.